“AN IMMIGRANT’S GIFT” – Dr. Joseph Juran

“An Immigrant’s Gift” is a documentary that aired on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) in the United States in the mid-1990s that told the story of Joseph M. Juran and his contributions to Japan, the United States, and the world. WoodsEnd, Inc., produced the documentary. WoodsEnd interviewed over 30 prominent leaders in industry and quality worldwide[…]

How to promote innovation?

Every month, ASQ – American Society for Quality selects a quality-themed topic for Influential Voices bloggers to discuss as part of a round table. The October  topic is: How can employers leverage quality to invite innovation? Here is my answer: It is well known that innovation is an important driver of growth for any organization. The[…]

The Global State of Quality – 2016

The 2nd Global State of Quality is here! This new iteration of the 2013 research provides an analysis of nearly 1,700 companies. The research results are included in the qualitative and quantitative Discoveries 2016 report, which addresses topics important to enhancing quality, including the influence of the customer, trends in industry standards, training systems, governance structures[…]

Employee engagement: hard but possible goal to achieve

Among different definitions out there I like the one that says: “Employee engagement is the extent to which employees feel passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization, and put discretionary effort into their work.” In every organization you can find employees who fall in any of these 3 categories: Engaged: employees work with passion[…]

AUDIT, a tool to talk with the C-Suite

Talking about Quality to the C-Suite is a real challenge. There are a lot of strategies and tools than can help any quality professional to make the C-Suite understand and take decisions through a quality perspective. This month I read an interesting post in the ASQ blog called “Talking To the C-Suite About Quality” by[…]

SCRUM: the solution to organize your life – Green Card process example

Have you ever thought of incorporating quality tools into your daily life? Consider this scenario: a family of 4 (mom, dad & boys), schools, extra school activities, doctor’s appointments, my husband’s job, house chores and running own businesses; in summary: LIFE. There are so many things going on in my daily routine, that if we[…]

STEM careers in Argentina (Update)

(Post in response to ASQ CEO Bill Troy blog post on A View from the Q) This month, ASQ CEO talks about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers in his blog, reaffirming that we need to keep encouraging the next generation of STEM professionals. Every year ASQ surveys teenagers about various STEM topics. In[…]

The Global State of Quality Research

globalstateofquality.org When we talk about Quality we must think globally. The globalization of businesses and quality is a reality even for small- and medium-size companies. Every company now finds that some of their prime competitors are likely to be based in another country; this affects the strategic and quality approach and the product planning of companies of[…]

Passion. Ambition. Quality. Success.

December topic discussed in ASQ blog expressed a question: Is quality ambitious enough? Bill Troy, ASQ CEO, shared an article by Brooks Carder where he pointed out that “we  (quality professionals) have all gone through some kind of conversion. We know in our hearts we can help make this world work better. We don’t need to be over-the-top, but we[…]

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