Interview #10: Luciana Paulise

Excited to announce a new interview of the Quality Interview Chain. Let me introduce you to my friend and ASQ Influential Voices: Luciana Paulise. A business consultant and founder of Biztorming Training & Consulting, who focus on helping and motivating small and medium businesses to keep growing and achieve success. Enjoy it!
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* YOURSELF / OCCUPATION: Who are you and what you do?
I am Luciana Paulise. I am the founder of Biztorming Training & consulting. We help small and medium size businesses to deliver quality results to improve their performance.
I hold an MBA from CEMA University in Argentina. I am a Quality Engineer Certified by ASQ. I am Senior ASQ member and ASQ Influential Voice. I have participated as an examiner for the National Quality Award in Argentina. 
I blog about quality and continuous improvement for small and medium size businesses, both in English and in Spanish
I live with my husband and my baby girl Sol.
* CHALLENGES: What was the biggest challenge you faced in your job and how did you handle it?
The biggest challenge I faced in my job was starting as an independent consultant. I used to help small business owners while working full time for ExxonMobil. I enjoyed so much consulting that was willing to do it all day long. Besides, my clients were entrepreneurs like myself, I was telling them what to do, and motivating them to grow, but I was not doing it myself, funding my own company was a totally different issue. It took me years to convince my husband (that was the toughest part though haha), but when my girl was born, I was fully determined and finally decided to quit and continue on my own.
* CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and improve as a professional and/or as a person?
I do PDSA’s mentally all the time to know what I have to do, review the results and do them better the next time, both for family and business issues. But experience without theory teaches nothing, (quote from Kelly Allan (who I nominate below), that’s why I keep reading all the time. I am subscribed to various newsletters on quality and best practices which I read every day. I am also subscribed to the Quality Progress Entrepreneurs Magazines. I also have kindle on my cell to be able to read books on the subject any time! I also love writing. I am currently working on research on applying Deming principles to small business.
* QUALITY QUOTE: Which is your favorite quality quote?

You can’t manage what you can’t measure ~ Edwards Deming 

You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results ~ Albert Einstein

* MOTIVATION / PASSION: What motivates you to do what you do? What are you truly passionate about?
Entrepreneur’s energy motivates me. They are so passionate that they make my work very rewarding, every day. I just want to help them to continue growing their business, like a doctor loves helping patients to be in good shape.
* ADVICE / RECOMMENDATION: What advice would you pass along to others taking the same path as you? Any specific books/blogs/authors you would recommend?
I recommend, like Steve Jobs, that you never have to settle. People have to do what they love, follow their intuition and wait that the dots will get connected eventually. That also happened to me!
* FREE TIME: In your free time, what do you like to do to relax?
I love roller skating.
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#1 Link: Kelly Allan – Senior Facilitator & Chairman of Advisory Board of The W. Edwards Deming Institute
#2 Link: Peter Stonefield – President and founder of Stonefield Learning Group, consultant to corporations and government, speaker, psychologist and the author of numerous articles. Doctor Stonefield served as consultant to the winner of the 1994 GSA Administrator’s Award for Managing Change and was the principal consultant to the 1992 winner of the President’s Quality Award for Managing Change.
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Thanks Luciana for your participation in the QIC. Muchas Gracias!!
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